Welcome to the homepage of the family Borg, or at least to the small branch currently living in Stuttgart, Germany, or at least it was until moving to La Reunion in the indian ocean. This homepage is mainly meant for friends and family to keep up to date with what we are doing... if we ever update this home page that is...

Currently this page is under construction and will stay under construction until the end of days, unless something unforeseen happens.

Soon we will add some photos and information about the relocation from the country that is regularity changing their spelling rules (Rechtschreibreform), to the country who has given up and organise national spelling contests every year. We're not yet sure what is better.

First attempts has failed miserably since the home page crashed and we were not able to restore it. So now we are starting again from scratch, merde!

And again…. merd, merd!

so far we have a photo archive with assorted reunion pictures online


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